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This website contains general loan guidelines. This website does not provide loan offers. Loan documents contain a complete set of terms and conditions for a loan. Terms may vary by properties and borrowers. See the Terms of Use and F.A.Q. for important information. Good Funds Lending, LLC provide hard money loans for investment properties in the Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs areas.

Our philosophy is consistent with the quote often attributed to Benjamin Franklin “do well by doing good”.  We focus on providing loans where we can provide value and everyone wins. Often hard money makes sense because of the speed of origination and convenience.  Opportunities are sometimes fleeting and traditional lenders may be too slow. Others use hard money because of an income or credit hiccup making a traditional lender unable to help.  We encourage borrowers to make sure we are the right solution.

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Hard Money is not always the correct solution. Before using hard money, you should explore other financing options available. We are building a Colorado hard money business focused repeat business where our borrowers use our hard money lending services only when appropriate and as one part of their financing strategy.

We are a private lender seeking:
  • To provide loans beneficial to the community, the borrowers, and Good Funds Lending, LLC
  • Long-term relationships with ethical people
  • Borrowers strategically using hard money, often because banks are too slow or unreasonable for the opportunity.
We are a hard money lender that that is easy to work with and talk to. Please contact us about your Colorado hard money questions.

Hard money is not always the best solution. You should consider other options before using hard money.

Our Colorado hard money lending is aimed at helping smart and ethical borrowers.

See our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Colorado hard money loans for single family, multi-unit residential (2-40 units), operating/occupied commercial , and operating/occupied industrial properties. We offer transparent lower fees and rates. Treating people well is important to us.

Colorado is a wonderful place to live and do business. We are happy to be a part of the Denver metro business community.