Colorado Hard Money Loans – Lower Rates and Fees

Standard Colorado Hard Money Loan Programs

Uses: Bridge Loan (quick short financing) or Fix and Flip Loan
Interest Rate* Loan To Value**
12% Interest Rate Loan
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-Single Family Detached: up to 70% of est. after repair value
-Condos & Townhomes: up to 65% of est. after repair value
10% Interest Rate Loan
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-Commercial (excluding Office): up to 65% of est. current market value
-Industrial: up to 60% of est. current market value
9% Interest Rate Loan
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-Investment residential: up to 70% of est. current market value
-Commercial (excluding Office): up to 55% of est. current market value
-Industrial: up to 50% of est. current market value
-Office: up to 45% of est. current market value
8% Interest Rate Loan
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-Investment residential: up to 50% of est. current market value
-Commercial (excluding Office) and Industrial: up to 45% of est. current market value
-Office: up to 35% of est. current market value
6% Interest Rate Loan
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-Investment residential: up to 30% of est. current market value
-Commercial and Industrial: up to 25% of est. current market value

* Interest is on a 360 day basis. You only pay for the days you use.

** Loan to value percentages based on Lender or loan servicer estimates of value. If purchasing and the net purchase price is less than the est. current market value, the net purchase price may be used for the est. current market value.

Lender Fees for Standard Loan Programs:
$1,000 Documentation Fees (only charged if the loan is originated)

Origination Fees with Standard Loan Programs:
2.00% for 6-month loans
2.25% for 9-month loans
2.50% for 12-month loans
3.00% for 18-month loans
Borrowers are responsible for all paying all title and 3rd party closing costs (e.g. title insurance, taxes, recording fees, HOA transfer fees, etc.)

Other Loan Programs

Only need a short loan? 30-day loan program with no prepayment and 1% origination fee (click for more info).

Need a 2 or 3-year loan? Custom bridge loans available (click for more info).

General Info

If there is a default, there may be additional interest, fees, and charges on any loan. Loan documents provides substantially more detail.

This website contains general loan guidelines. This website does not provide loan offers. Loan documents contain a complete set of terms and conditions for a loan. Terms may vary by properties and borrowers. See the Terms of Use and F.A.Q. for important information. Good Funds Lending, LLC provide hard money loans for investment properties in the Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs areas.

Focused on triple wins: Owner-borrowers profit; We profit; and a Colorado community wins. Colorado communities win through people investing in the community. In the case of commercial or industrial property, owners are often making a commitment to be part of community and/or investing in the property or business or preparing for a new business.

There are benefits to working with local Colorado private hard money lender. There are no 3rd party underwriters or fund investors (that can complicate or slow the process, or increase the costs). Our borrowers and community are more than just business. Learn more about the benefits of dealing directly with a local private lender

Good Funds Lending, LLC is a transparent lower rates & fees asset-based private lender, or a “hard money lender”, that provides real estate bridge loans and fix & flip loans in the Denver Metro area (including Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, Jefferson, Larimer counties).

Bridge Loans Fix And Flip Loans
Up to 3 years Up to 360 days
No Experience Required Relevant Experience May Be Required*

If the improvements are only cosmetic and very minor, experience is not required. Experience may be past flips or special expertise (e.g. architect, licensed contractor, real estate agent, etc). There are capable first-time flippers. However, often experience lowers risks and our costs. Hence we can be flexible, quick, and have lower rates and fees.

Denver Metro Private Lending Lower Rates & Fees
Denver Metro, Boulder and Colorado Springs Areas Quick, simple and straight forward hard money lender (private lender) not a broker Single private source of funds & low overhead

Good Funds Lending, LLC seeks: We are a hard money lender that that is easy to work with and talk to. Please contact us about your Colorado hard money questions.

Hard money is not always the best solution. You should consider other options before using hard money.

Our Colorado hard money lending is aimed at helping smart and ethical borrowers.

See our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Colorado hard money loans for single family, multi-unit residential (2-40 units), operating/occupied commercial , and operating/occupied industrial properties. We offer transparent lower fees and rates. Treating people well is important to us.

Colorado is a wonderful place to live and do business and we are grateful to be a part of the Denver metro business community!

What is a Hard Money Loan?
“Hard Money Loans” are primarily based on real estate (the “hard asset”) value. In contrast, banks often focus on the real estate value, borrowers’ income, and credit history to underwrite loans.

The hard money loan process is often much easier and faster than a bank (days or weeks rather than months). This is because hard money lenders are typically not concerned with income, etc., and all the related documentation and verification.

Interest rates (and/or APRs) are typically, but not always, higher with hard money lenders compared to banks.

People use hard money loans when:
  • A bank is too slow, and the deal or situation requires quick funding.
  • A bank will not loan because of an income or credit issue.
Hard money loans are often short-term. A few months to a few years.
Hard money loans are often provided by private lenders, individuals, or non-bank entities.

Income and credit issues may have no bearing on repayment. Often borrowers pay off hard money loans when the borrowers sell real estate. Sometimes borrowers pay off hard money loans when a bank provides a long-term loan. Loans that fill the gap until a bank provides long-term loans are often called “bridge loans”.
We provide short term hard money loans (aka Colorado bridge loans) secured by investment and commercial properties only. Borrowers nor their family may not reside in the property (or use the property for personal, family, or household use).

Nimble, quick, honest…and easy to talk to…call today (303) 500-3288

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