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Colorado Hard Money Loans

A Colorado hard money lender with no 3rd party underwriters or fund investors that can complicate or slow the process, or increase the costs. Providing hard money loans for experienced investor borrowers (typically completed at least 3 similar projects). There are capable first time borrowers, but on average experience lowers the risk of unsuccessful projects and lowers our costs. Flexible, quick, lower rates and fees.

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Compare this to other hard money lenders and all the charges (No application fees. No fees to lender unless we originate the loan).

Basic Denver Colorado Hard Money Loan Programs

Loan Type Fix & Flip Fix & Hold 30 Day Bridge
Loan Amount $80,000$650,000 $80,000$650,000 $100,000$1,500,000
Interest Rate 12.5% (simple interest – 360 days basis) 12.5% (simple interest – 360 days basis) 1.25% Per 30 days
Origination Fee 3% 3% 1%
Doc Fees $200 $200 $200
No Prepayment Penalty No Prepayment Penalty No Prepayment Penalty No Prepayment Penalty
Lender Upfront Fees None None None
Appraisal Charges None None None, unless industrial or commercial property
More Details… More Details… More Details…

In the event of default there may be additional fees for administrative, collection, legal, insurance, lien payoff or other expenses. More detail provided in loan documents.

The information and terms contained herein are general guidelines and not offers, nor does the information contained herein represent a complete set of terms and conditions.  Specific terms may vary based on property and borrower specifics. See the Terms of Use and F.A.Q. for important information. Good Funds Lending, LLC operates and provides hard money loans for investment properties in the Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs areas.

We look for triple win projects, where the borrower profits, we also profit and a Colorado neighborhood wins by having new neighbors in a property that is no longer in disrepair and dragging down property values.
Denver Metro
Denver Metro, Boulder and Colorado Springs Areas
Private Lending
Direct, quick and straight forward hard money lender (private lender) not a broker
Lower Rates & Fees
Experienced borrowers, single source funding and low overhead

Good Funds Lending, LLC is a asset based private lender, also referred to as a “hard money” lender. We provide hard money loans on non-owner occupied investment properties in Denver Colorado to experienced real estate professionals.

We seek to build long term relationships with with ethical people and businesses, and be involved in situations that are beneficial to community, the borrowers and Good Funds Lending, LLC.

We are hard money lenders, but not hard to work with or talk to. Please feel free to contact us about your Colorado hard money questions.

Hard Money is not always the correct solution. Before using hard money, you should explore other financing options available. We are building a Colorado hard money business focused repeat business where our borrowers use our hard money lending services only when appropriate and as one part of their financing strategy.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Good Funds Lending, LLC and Colorado hard money loans are available on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

We are primarily focused on providing Colorado hard money loans on single family homes, multi-unit buildings (2-40 units), operating/occupied commercial properties (under $3MM) and operating/occupied industrial properties (under $3MM) in the Denver Metro Area.


Colorado is a wonderful place to live and do business and we are happy to be a part of the Denver business community.
Good Funds Lending, LLC provides short term hard money loans for properties that are for investment purposes only, and not for personal, family or household use. Borrowers may not reside in the property.
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