Pre-Approval Letter Request

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New Borrowers must be Pre-Approved* to receive pre-approval letter
To apply for pre-approval (There is no fee for pre-approval):

  1. Call to verify qualifications (303) 500-3288
  2. Meet in person (Good Funds Lending, LLC will take a picture of Borrowers’ Drivers Licenses)

If you have been pre-approved previously or have borrowed from Good Funds Lending, LLC previously please request a pre-approval letter by submitting the following form:

Subject Property (Property for which you are seeking financing)

Street Address
Suite, Unit(s) or other address info
Price to be used in the offer
NOTE: This is often less than the 'Offer Price'.
Full legal name as registered with the Colorado Secretary of State; Hence LLCs will include something like "LLC" or ""Limited Liability Company" at the end of the name.
(E.g. "Joe Smith", "Barbara Jones")
(E.g. "Manager", "Managing Member", "Sole Member", "authorized Member")
Should match the purchasers exactly as listed on the offer/contract to buy and sell real estate

*Pre-approval is at the sole discretion of Good Funds Lending, LLC. Submission of an application does not guarantee pre-approval. Please review the qualifications under the specific hard money loan program you are interested. Also see Terms of Use for additional important details.

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