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We are a private Colorado hard money lender. There are no 3rd party underwriters or fund investors that can complicate or slow the process, or increase the costs.

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Good Funds Lending, LLC is an asset-based private lender also referred to as a “Hard Money Lender”. We provide loans secured by investment or business real estate (no owner-occupied homes) in the Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins metro areas. 

Our bridge loans are available without prior experience requirements (but having a viable and strong exit strategy is important). Often the exit strategy is as simple as refinancing after a short period of time or selling the property.

Our Fix And Flip loans often require experience. If the improvements are only cosmetic and very minor, then experience is not required.  Experience may be past flips or special expertise (e.g. architect, licensed contractor, or real estate agent, etc). There are capable first-time flippers. However, often experience lowers risks of unsuccessful projects and lowers our costs. Hence we can be flexible, quick, and have lower rates and fees.

It is important to us to act ethically and we provide loans with the goal to help others be successful in their real estate investments. We encourage borrowers to explore their options (including traditional bank and credit union loans, home equity loans, friends & family loans, Self-Directed IRAs, etc.) before using hard money. We believe our rates to be significantly lower than other Colorado hard money lenders, but sometimes more expensive than other options. Often borrowers come to us because their bank is too slow, or there is a temporary credit or income issue preventing a bank or other traditional lender from making the loan.

We look for triple win projects: borrowers profit; We profit; and a Colorado community wins. Colorado communities win through people investing in property. Often this means improving property in disrepair. 

We are the Colorado hard money lender for experienced professionals™ and for Colorado small business owners with real estate.

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Denver Bridge Loans – Colorado Springs Bridge Loans – Boulder Bridge Loans – Fort Collins Bridge Loans

Denver Flip Loans – Colorado Springs Flip Loans – Boulder Flip Loans – Fort Collins Flip Loans

We are a private lender seeking:
  • To provide loans beneficial to the community, the borrowers, and Good Funds Lending, LLC
  • Long-term relationships with ethical people
  • Borrowers strategically using hard money, often because banks and credit unions are too slow or unreasonable to capitalize on an opportunity.
We are a hard money lender that that is easy to work with and talk to. Please contact us about your Colorado hard money questions.

Hard money is not always the best solution. You should consider other options before using hard money.

Our Colorado hard money lending is aimed at helping smart and ethical borrowers, where our borrowers use our relatively low rate and low fee hard money loans when appropriate for their financing needs.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Good Funds Lending, LLC and Colorado hard money loans are available on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Colorado hard money loans for single family, multi-unit residential (2-40 units), operating/occupied commercial , and operating/occupied industrial properties in the Denver Metro Area (residential properties must be non-owner occupied). We offer transparent lower fees and rates. Treating people well is important to us.

Colorado is a wonderful place to live and do business. We are happy to be a part of the Denver business community.
We provide short term hard money loans (aka Colorado bridge loans) secured by investment and commercial properties only. Borrowers nor their family may not reside in the property (or use the property for personal, family, or household use).

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