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Good Funds Lending, LLC is a asset based private lender also referred to as a “Hard Money Lender” that provides loans on investment properties including commercial, industrial and non-owner occupied residential properties in Denver Metro Area of Colorado.

We are a single source Colorado hard money lender. There are no 3rd party underwriters or fund investors that can complicate or slow the process, increase the costs or even withdraw funding.

We provide flipping (aka “fix and flip”) loans and bridge loans.

We provide loans for many types of investment properties including commercial, industrial and residential. 1-4 unit residential investment properties must be non-owner occupied to qualify. Fix and Flip loans are typically for up to 360 days (including an extension). Bridge loans can be for as little as 1 day or as long as 3 years.

We typically require relevant experience for Fix and Flip loans. If the improvements are only cosmetic and very minor, then experience may not be required. Otherwise, experience may be past flips or special expertise (e.g. architect, licensed contractor, or real estate agent, etc). There are capable first-time flippers. However, often experience lowers risks.

Good Funds Lending, LLC provides short term hard money loans secured by investment properties only (not properties intended for personal, family or household use). Borrowers may not reside in the property.