Short Term Loans / Bridge Loans Overview

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Loan Purpose

A bridge loan typically is a quickly arranged short-term loan that provides funds while the borrowers are arranging for longer-term financing or sale. We provide bridge loans secured by Colorado real estate for periods of 2 days to 3 Years.

Collateral Real Estate Types

Office, Retail, Warehouse, Storage, Restaurant, Mixed Use, and Investment Residential.

Overview of Short Term Loans / Bridge Loans (Up to 70% LTV)

Loan Amounts $100,000 - $1,000,000 : Single Family
$100,000 - $1,500,000 : Multifamily, Commercial, and Industrial
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Interest Rate 6% - 10% per 360 days (depends on loan-to-value ratio, property, and other factors)
Origination Fee 1% - 4% (depends on loan length and other factors)
Documentation Fees To Good Funds Lending, LLC (only charged if the loan is originated) $1000 (potentially rolled into loan)
Pre-Approval Application Fee $0
Appraisal Fee $0 (Not Applicable) for residential; Cost of appraisal for other property types.
Full Application Fee $0
Maximum Loan Ratios* Up To 70% for investment residential and up to 65% for other listed real estate types (depends on property, loan length, and borrowers; and impacts interest rate)
Permitted use of loan funds Purchase, loan origination fee, and other investments
Typical time required between submission of completed application and closing 10 business days for borrowers new to Good Funds Lending, LLC and 5 business days for borrowers who have previously borrowed from Good Funds Lending, LLC, but for loans over $650,000, 10-20 business days
Credit History A credit score is not considered and there is no minimum credit score requirement. Credit history is examined with a focus on recent (the last 2 years) adverse events/actions (e.g. bankruptcy, foreclosures, frequent late payments, etc.).
Loan Term Length 2 days to 3 Years
Minimum Interest Period 1 day
Prepayment Penalty $0 - There is NO prepayment penalty to pay off the loan early. Only pay for the length of the time you have the loan.
Payments that do not payoff the entire loan are applied to the loan at the end of the calendar month in which they are received.
Closing/Underwriting Fees To Good Funds Lending, LLC $0
Default Rates/Fees/Penalties See Loan Documents
At closing, borrowers are responsible for all paying all title and closing costs including without limitation: Premiums for required title insurance, settlement agent costs, recording fees, taxes, courier fees, other fees, and other costs collected by the settlement agent (i.e. 3rd party fees & costs) that are not paid for by the seller.

*Loan to value ratios may vary by the type of property, loan type, loan size, and other specifics. If there will be a junior lien from another lender (e.g., subordinated seller finance loan/lien), the Good Funds Lending, LLC loan will be evaluated as if the LTV was 15% higher (likely increasing the interest rate) because of the potential complications (the Good Funds Lending, LLC loan must be a first position lien ahead of any other loans). If junior lien is added without prior written approval from Good Funds Lending, LLC, it may constitute a default on the loan.

The borrower will need additional funds during the loan to pay for items including without limitation taxes, utilities, insurance, property maintenance and cleaning expenses, staging expenses, cost overruns, other expected or unexpected expenses, and all repair/rehab costs. In the event of default, there may be additional fees for administrative, collection, legal, insurance, lien payoff, or other expenses. More detail provided in loan documents.

This website contains general loan guidelines. This website does not provide loan offers. Loan documents contain a complete set of terms and conditions for a loan. Terms may vary by properties and borrowers. See the Terms of Use and F.A.Q. for important information. Good Funds Lending, LLC provide hard money loans for investment properties in the Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs areas.

Qualifications & Requirements

The primary considerations in extending a loan commitment are the property value, the perspective borrowers’ relevant experience, and the perceived risk by Good Funds Lending, LLC. The following represent a subset of qualifications and requirements for loan consideration. The qualifications are considered collectively and loan commitments are not guaranteed even if all the qualifications and requirements listed here are met.

Subject Property (Asset) Requirements:

  • The loan amount (initial principal) to the estimated market value of the subject property meet requirements

Borrower Qualifications/Requirements:

Typically for the highest loan to value ratio (largest loan amount) and/or lowest rates, a loan requires 2 or more acceptable human borrowers (in addition to the entity that holds title, if the entity is the property owner). If an entity holds title, typically a super-majority of the ownership and voting control is required to be cosigners and often all direct and indirect owners that own more than 10% of the entity are required as cosigners. Typically the maximum Loan To Value ratio is 5%-10% lower with a single human borrower, but other terms may also change.
  • There is no minimum credit score, but credit histories are reviewed primarily focusing on the following: Debts that are currently past due, outstanding judgments, bankruptcy that have not been discharged, chronic late payments (a few late payments typically do not disqualify borrowers).
  • No minimum income required; however, the borrowers should have sufficient funds (savings and/or income) to pay for closing expenses, hazard insurance, utilities, and property taxes and rehab expenses prior to draw disbursements as well as sufficient funds to pay for unexpected expenses and cost overruns.
  • If the property owner (title holder) is an entity, the entity must be a corporation, LLC, or partnership, registered with the Colorado Secretary of State.
  • If the property is a residential rehab or renovation project (e.g. fix and flip), at least one borrower on the loan must have completed at least 2 rehab projects of similar scale or larger scale in the last 3 years (or have other qualifications which the Lender believes sufficient).
  • A criminal conviction or charges after the age of 17 years may disqualify a borrower (we need review specifics to determine).
  • Typically bankruptcies more than 2 years in the past are not disqualifying.
  • Current, recent past or potential involvement with lawsuits, bankruptcies or foreclosures may also disqualify a borrower depending on circumstances.
  • Income tax which are believed to be past due by the corresponding government may also disqualify a borrower.

Title & Settlement Agent Requirements:

  • Use of a settlement agent and title insurer that is good standing and licensed in Colorado
  • ALTA Loan Policy 06-17-06
  • Loan title policy typically must include expanded coverage including the following form endorsements: Colorado 100, ALTA 8.1, Colorado 116/ALTA 22, Colorado 115.2/ALTA 5.1, and Colorado 100.29 (or corresponding equivalents for property type; endorsements and requirements may vary by property type and other specifics), and also sometimes one or both of: Colorado 110.8/ALTA 6.2 and Colorado 103.1 (Endorsements required for loans secured by properties that are not single family detached may vary)
  • The title commitment is acceptable to us and the title insurance underwriter provides a verified closing protection letter prior to the closing
  • The title commitment for the title loan policy must remove Standard Printed Exceptions (typically 1-4) and the Gap Exception. If there are rehab funds in the loan, then Standard Printed Exception (4) may be modified to state any lien or right to a lien, for services, labor or material furnished, incurred and imposed after the date of closing.
  • Good Funds Lending, LLC loan must be a first lien on the property (except for property taxes not yet due and payable)
  • The title commitment for the title loan policy must remove any exceptions not acceptable to Good Funds Lending, LLC.
  • Settlement agent must execute and return Good Funds Lending, LLC closing instructions at least 1 full business days prior to closing.
  • Title Insurer must provide and verify an acceptable closing protection letter to Good Funds Lending, LLC at least 1 full business days prior to closing.
  • Settlement Agent must supply acceptable settlement statements to Good Funds Lending, LLC at least 1 full business days prior to closing.

Hazard Insurance Requirements:

  • Borrower must have and maintain hazard insurance policy with Good Funds Lending, LLC as the mortgagee during the entire term of the loan
  • Underwriter has a current AM Best Financial Strength Rating of BBB+ or better, or a current Demotech Financial Strength Rating of A or better
  • Typically for a single family detached house a vacant dwelling policy commonly known as ISO “Special Form” or “DP-3” (without deletions or reductions) and including coverage for vandalism, and malicious mischief (including minimum coverage amounts and deductions do not exceed $5000) or other policy forms which may include endorsements such that policy includes all perils and provides equivalent or increased coverage as a Vacant Dwelling Special Form policy described above.
  • Endorsements must be included such that there are no gaps, exceptions, nor reductions in the above described required coverages related to renovation, construction or completion of renovation or construction, nor other gaps, exceptions, or reductions.
  • Policy must be for replacement cost (not actual cash value also known as 'ACV' nor Agreed Value)
  • Hazard Insurance Policy must include what is commonly known in the property insurance industry as a “Standard Mortgagee Clause”
  • The mortgagee must receive written notice at least 30 days prior to any changes to the policy or listed insured parties. The mortgagee must receive written notice at least 30 days prior any non-renewal or cancellation of the policy for any reason other than non-payment. The mortgagee will receive written notice at least 10 days prior cancellation of the policy for non-payment.
  • The hazard insurance includes at least $500,000 to $1,000,000 of liability coverage depending on the project and the property
  • Required structural/dwelling coverage amounts varies but typically 90% or more of the estimated after rehab value of the property (and includes coverage for other structures if other structures exist such as unattached garages and decks)
  • The hazard insurance is not a homeowner policy
  • Proof of coverage or insurance binders including all requirements must be provided to Good Funds Lending, LLC prior to closing including hazard insurance agents/brokers are required to complete and sign a hazard insurance coverage confirmation form
  • A flood insurance policy is required if the property is in what we consider to be a high risk flood area.

Additional Requirements & Terms

The qualifications and requirements listed on this page are not comprehensive. Additional requirements, terms and conditions are provided in the loan documents. In the event that loan documents are inconsistent with the information on this site the loan documents shall govern as neither this site nor the information contained within represent an offer.


Estimated values, estimated costs or other judgments related to similarity referred to above are based on our (Lender's) estimates and opinions. We typically estimate market value of properties based on what we believe will be a price likely to produce a sale within 90 days. Good Funds Lending, LLC seeks:
  • To provide loans beneficial to the community, the borrowers, and Good Funds Lending, LLC
  • Long-term relationships with ethical people
  • Borrowers strategically using hard money, often because banks are too slow or unreasonable for the opportunity.
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We provide short term hard money loans (aka Colorado bridge loans) secured by investment and commercial properties only. Borrowers nor their family may not reside in the property (or use the property for personal, family, or household use).