Colorado Bridge Loans

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A bridge loan is a short-term loan prior to longer-term financing, sale, or other financial events.

Bridge loans are also known as short-term loans or interim loans. The “bridge” refers to the short span or gap of time. That span is often between two financial events.

Borrowers may need funds more quickly than a bank loan or another longer-term financing can be arranged. Bridge loans can often originate quickly and provide funds fast, while longer-term financing or other transactions are pending.

Borrowers may repay bridge loans with longer-term financing; However, repayment events may include: 

  • longer-term refinancing
  • collateral property sale
  • an equity investment
  • sale of another property
  • distributions from a business
  • distributions from other investments
  • sale of investments
  • receipt of a judgment or settlement (including divorce)
  • inheritance
  • other monetary events

Speed in providing the loan is often important.  To avoid delays, lenders may ignore income and other items. Verifying aspects of income can be time-consuming. Bridge loans may have higher costs. Bridge loan amounts are often limited by a loan-to-value ratio.  This avoids time spent on other items. Bridge loans that are asset-based may be described as hard money loans.

People often take bridge loans because they need the funds quickly. An opportunity may disappear if they do not act quickly.  Partner buy-out time limits. Sellers may take other offers. Price may go up. Sale may be canceled. People may need money to avoid other consequences.  People need money to avoid default, forfeiture, credit damage, lawsuits, etc. Often the advantages of a quick bridge loan far outweigh the costs.

We provide Colorado bridge loans for 2 days to 3 Years. Our bridge loans are secured by real estate. This avoids time on spent income verification.

A quick short-term loan origination can be valuable.We understand a speedy loan process is valuable.

Our loans are secured by real estate in the following:

  • Denver Area
  • Boulder Area
  • Colorado Springs Area
  • Fort Collins Area

Call (303) 500-3200. 

Investment residential and commercial real estate only.

New Programs and Lower Interest Rates Coming In April 2019

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Good Funds Lending, LLC is excited to announce more loan programs and loan programs with lower rates coming in April 2019. We work hard to provide Colorado hard money loans with low rates. We are happy to be a part of the Denver Metro community and happy to see our borrowers improve the communities. Stay tuned…

Custom Denver Bridge Loans – Colorado Hard Money

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We offer custom Denver bridge loans at competitive rates for up to 3 years.

Sometimes property owners are waiting for permanent financing or other bank loans. And sometimes the bank or other lender needs more time because of the lender’s processes, or a borrower credit clean up or a income history for the property is needed. That is when short term bridge loan provided quickly can help. Because bridge loan provides financing while the borrowers are securing longer term financing, it “bridges” the financing gap. Situations are different, and that is why we provide custom Denver bridge loans.

By custom Denver bridge loans, we mean short term (up to 3 years) hard money loans in the Denver Metro Area of Colorado.

Properties in the Denver Metro Area:

  • Flip or Income Single Family (non owner occupied) – Up to 70% LTC/V*
  • Multi-unit residential (2-40 units;non owner occupied)  – Up to 70% LTC/V*
  • Retail, Office, Commercial, Industrial – Up to 60% LTC/V*

*LTC/V means the loan to cost (LTC) or loan to value (LTV) ratios.

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Low Interest Rate Loans at 6% – 9%

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Good Funds Lending, LLC lowers rates and fees.
For up to 70% of Net Purchase Price (or 70% of current market value)

  • Interest rates = 9%
  • Lender Origination Fee = 2%
  • Lender Documentation Fee = $1,000
  • No appraisal fees required
  • 180-day loan

Other terms and conditions apply. See more details…

For up to 30% of Net Purchase Price (or 30% of current market value)

  • Interest rates = 6%
  • Lender Origination Fee = 2%
  • Lender Documentation Fee = $1,000
  • No appraisal fees required
  • 180-day loan

Other terms and conditions apply. See more details…

Custom longer-term loans also available for investment residential, industrial, and commercial properties.

More reasons why we are the Colorado hard money lender for experienced investors™.

We provide short term hard money loans (aka Colorado bridge loans) secured by investment and commercial properties only. Borrowers nor their family may not reside in the property (or use the property for personal, family, or household use).