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We offer custom Denver bridge loans at competitive rates for up to 3 years.

Sometimes property owners are waiting for permanent financing or other bank loans. And sometimes the bank or other lender needs more time because of the lender’s processes, or a borrower credit clean up or a income history for the property is needed. That is when short term bridge loan provided quickly can help. Because bridge loan provides financing while the borrowers are securing longer term financing, it “bridges” the financing gap. Situations are different, and that is why we provide custom Denver bridge loans.

By custom Denver bridge loans, we mean short term (up to 3 years) hard money loans in the Denver Metro Area of Colorado.

Properties in the Denver Metro Area:

  • Flip or Income Single Family (non owner occupied) – Up to 70% LTC/V*
  • Multi-unit residential (2-40 units;non owner occupied)  – Up to 70% LTC/V*
  • Retail, Office, Commercial, Industrial – Up to 60% LTC/V*

*LTC/V means the loan to cost (LTC) or loan to value (LTV) ratios.

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