Do you charge pre-payment penalties?

None of standard loan programs charge a pre-payment penalty. We welcome your successful hard money loan payoff at any time. Custom loans that don’t conform to our standard loan programs could have minimum interest amounts, but typically do not.

Are payments due while I’m rehabbing a house?

(Question and answer applies only to Fix & Flip and Fix & Hold Loans) Besides the application fee, you will not owe us any money until you sell or refinance the property or until you extend beyond the initial term (typically 180 days), unless you default on the loan or choose to pay the origination fees upfront, rather than roll the origination fees into the loan. However, you will need to have cash available for 3rd party closing costs (title insurance, closing fees), holding costs (insurance, taxes, utilities), property maintenance and cleaning expenses, staging expenses, cost overruns, other expected or unexpected expenses and rehab labor and material expenses (until you receive rehab draws, if you have a rehab draw account). On the first day of the extension and every 30 days thereafter, you will owe an extension payment equal to 0.3% of the outstanding principal amount at that time. Accrued interest is added to principal every 30 days.

When do I have to decide about the optional extension on a loan?

The extension automatically occurs after the initial term (typically 180 day period) unless you have paid off the loan or there has been a default. On the first day of the extension period (typically day 181), your extension payment of 0.3% of the outstanding principal amount (includes any accrued interest that has been added to the initial principal) is due. (extensions only available for the Fix & Flip and Fix & Hold loans).

Why does it matter to me that you are a “private” or single source hard money lender?

Because we are private hard money lender with a single source, we are the final decision makers and do not need to consult with anyone else in making our lending decisions, restrictions and rules. This allows us to act quickly. Also, we don’t have to promise outside investors higher rates of return (charge higher rates). Good Funds Lending, LLC provides hard money loans for non-owner occupied properties in the Colorado Denver Metro Area.

Why are your rates lower than the typical 3 to 4 points (i.e. 3-4% origination) and 14-15% interest?

We work hard to keep our costs down so we can provide very competitive rates. We also try to minimize unnecessary costs for our borrowers (e.g. single family properties do not require an appraisal).

  • We use one source for funds, so we are the final decision makers and do not need to consult with or comply with anyone else in making our lending decisions, restrictions and rules. We don’t have to compete for additional money sources that may require higher rates.
  • We work to keep our overhead low.
  • We underwrite in-house and don’t need to spend resources communicating back and forth with other parties.
  • For rehab/ fix and flip loans we look at borrowers’ experience and qualifications to lower risks and costs to all parties.

Why can’t I live in the property while I’m rehabbing it (or my family, employees, etc.)?

If you (your family or your employees) are living in the property (single family residence or a 2-4 unit residential property) or the loan is for personal, family or household use, the loan is classified differently by federal and state law and we would not be allowed to offer these loans or would have additional process and administrative requirements. Therefore the restriction that you, your family and employees may not occupy, reside in, or live at the property is strict and is expressly prohibited in our loan agreements. Additionally we like lending for investment purposes only and do not want to be put in the position of ever having to potentially foreclose on someone’s home.